Cleaning Built-in Account Traces

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Your may clear traces made by built-in accounts such as Local System, Local Service, Network Service, and alike.

You may also include computer cleaning into a large wiping and cleaning task. Go to the Setting a Large Wipe and Clean Task section for details.

The list of items visible on the System panel can be edited on the Customize panel.

To clean traces of built-in account activity,

In the BarView, click the required wipe list

In the TreeView, select the required wipe list

The System panel will appear in the right pane.

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Built-in Accounts panel

Select the required items and click the Clean and Wipe Now button.

If you only delete files, they may be later recovered using any file unerase or recover utility. To make this impossible, you may set R-Wipe&Clean wipe files before deleting on the Docs and Internet tab of the Settings panel.

If the Wipe files before deleting check box is clear on the Docs and Internet tab of the Settings panel, the Clean and Wipe Now button changes its name to Clean. The files will be only deleted without wiping.

R-Wipe&Clean will start cleaning the computer, and the Deleting and wiping dialog box will appear showing the cleaning progress.

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Wiped \ Cleaned: dialog box

When R-Wipe&Clean finishes cleaning, the Report dialog box will appear showing cleaning results.

Some items require you to log off to complete the cleaning. You will see this notice in the Report dialog box asking you if you want to do this. You may do this later and only small portion of information will remain until next logon.

To start wiping swap files, you must restart your system. You will be prompted either to restart your system to start wiping the swap files, or to delay wiping until the next restart.

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Restart dialog box

Default cleaning settings may be specifically set on the Docs and Internet tab of the Settings panel.

You may see the contents of any particular item on its respective panel in the right pane. Click Details on the Built-in Accounts panel or select the item in the BarView or TreeView.

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