Cleaning Application Traces

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You may clean links to files recently opened by a number of applications. If you want to remove links only to some files, click File list for the application.

You may also include computer Application Traces into a large wiping and cleaning task. Go to the Setting a Large Wipe and Clean Task section for details.

Attention! When cleaning these lists, you do not remove the files, only their links.


The list of items visible on the Application Traces panel can be edited on the Customize panel.

To clean links to files recently opened by a number of applications,

In the BarView, click the required wipe list

In the TreeView, select the required wipe list

The Application Traces panel will appear in the right pane.

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Application Traces panel

Select the required items and click the Clean Now button.

R-Wipe&Clean will start cleaning the computer. When R-Wipe&Clean finishes cleaning, the Report dialog box will appear showing cleaning results.

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Report dialog box


You may see the contents of any particular item on its respective right pane. Click File List... on the Application Traces panel or select the item in the BarView or TreeView.


Default cleaning settings may be specifically set on the Docs and Internet tab of the Settings panel.


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