Cleaning a Computer

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On-line Activity:

Your computer stores links to each web site visited by you in the History folder. It also keeps contents, such as pictures, texts, flash movies, audio files, of the web pages visited by you in the Temporary Internet Files folder. It also stores cookies from the web sites visited by you. Cookies are small files that web sites store on your computers for identification purposes. Web passwords and all other information you might enter filling web forms are also stored on your computer. Any snooper who has access to this information can easily tell where and when you have been, or how long you have been on a certain web site. Deleting internet cache and history will not help, as Windows stores such information in many, and not easily accessible, places. R-Wipe&Clean unrecoverably deletes such information and files.

Personal data, Built-in Account Traces, Program Data, and System traces:

Your computer stores links to all recently opened documents, started programs, mapped network drives, attached peripheral devices, search results, etc. Windows and other programs store their temporary files in a special Temp folder. Such temporary files contain data from your permanent files. R-Wipe&Clean unrecoverably deletes such links and files.

Application Traces

You may also clean links to files open by a number of applications.


Default cleaning settings may be specifically set on the Docs and Internet tab of the Settings panel.


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