Customization, Settings, and Logging

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R-Wipe&Clean can process and display many items. Sometimes, you need not all of them. The Customization panels allows you to specify the items you need.


You may set default settings and logging options on the Settings panel. You may reach it by the following ways:

1.By selecting Settings on the Tools menu.

2.By clicking the Settings button on the toolbar

3.By clicking the Settings button on respective right panels


The Settings tab will appear. You may set the following settings:


Disks and Files: default wiping settings for files and unused space.

Docs and Internet: default settings for cleaning system and links to Application Traces

Scheduler: settings for swap and index .dat file wiping in scheduled tasks.

Integration: settings for the integration into Windows.

Boss Key: keyboard shortcuts enabling you to quickly close web browsers.

Services: management services to unlock their files.

Logging: logging settings.

Advanced: advanced setting like Password, Stealth mode, and hibernation.


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