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You may set default leaning setting on the Docs and Internet tab of the Settings panel. You may reach this panel either by clicking the Settings button on the respective right panel, or by selecting Settings on the Tools menu.

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Docs and Internet tab

Docs and Internet Settings

Wipe files before deleting

Select this option if you want R-Wipe&Clean wipe files before deleting to make their recovery impossible. This increases security, but also increases cleaning time. If the files are only deleted without wiping, they may be later recovered using any file unerase or recover utility.

If this option is selected, the Clean button changes its name to Clean and Wipe Now on the Internet and System panels.

Delete .dat files after cleaning

This does not damage the system. If this option is selected, R-Wipe&Clean deletes .dat files to completely remove all leftover links that may appear when Windows shuts down incorrectly. Windows will work correctly if event such files are deleted.

.dat files are not removed when the wiping and cleaning process is started by the scheduler.

Show Offline Content

If this option is selected, R-Wipe&Clean shows all files stored in the History, Cookies, and Temporary Internet Files folders.


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