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R-Wipe & Clean Popup Blocker is an add-on to Microsoft Internet Explorer that blocks annoying automatic pop-up windows containing usually nothing but unsolicited ads and commercials. It does not block those popup windows links to which you intentionally click. You may include sites either into the White List, and no popup windows on those sites will be blocked, or into the Black List, and all popup windows on those sites will be blocked. You may also turn on/off sound and text notification and see a log of sites on which popup windows have been blocked.

To make Popup Blocker appear in Microsoft Internet Explorer

Select Popup Blocker Options... on the Tools menu

The General Options tab will appear

Select Start Popup Blocker.

Note: Selecting the Start Popup Blocker option makes Popup Blocker appear in Internet Explorer, but does not automatically starts blocking popup windows. You need to select Block Popup Windows on the General Options tab to start blocking popup windows.

Popup Blocker Options: icon list

You may configure Popup Blocker either by

Selecting Popup Blocker Options... on the Tools menu of R-Wipe & Clean.


Selecting R-Wipe & Clean Popup Blocker on the Tools menu of Internet Explorer.


You may navigate through these option by clicking the corresponding items in the  If any option is unselected, it is dimmed in the list, but you still is able to switch to this option to edit its settings.

Click to expand/collapse General Options


Click to enlarge

General Options tab

Click to expand/collapse Notification


Click to enlarge

Notification tab

Click to expand/collapse White and Black lists


Click to enlarge

White List tab

Click to enlarge

Black List tab


Click to expand/collapse Logs


Click to enlarge

Logs tab


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