R-Wipe&Clean Main Panel

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Note: Some operations, such as wiping a file, wiping and deleting the content of Recycle Bin, or wiping unused space on a single disk, can be performed directly from the shortcut menu without starting R-Wipe&Clean.

When R-Wipe&Clean starts, its main panel appears. You may customize R-Wipe&Clean to view only necessary items.

Click the controls on the main panel to learn their functions.

Click to expand/collapse More information on the menu items...


You may turn on and off the toolbar. Select Toolbar on the View menu.

Wiping and cleaning tasks

How to:

Clean your private information from your computer: Cleaning a Computer

Wipe a single file directly from Windows Explorer: Wiping a File.

Wipe the contents of the Recycle Bin: Wiping Recycle Bin.

Wipe several files in a single wipe task: Wipe Lists.

Wipe unused space on one disk: Wiping Unused Disk Space.

Wipe several disks at once Wiping Unused Disk Space.

Clean your computer, wipe several files and folders, and unused disk space simultaneously: Setting a Large Wipe and Clean Task.

Blocking popup windows in Microsoft Internet Explorer

Block annoying automatic pop-up windows with R-Wipe & Clean Popup Blocker


R-Wipe&Clean Overview

Customization, Settings, and Logging


Cleaning a Computer

Wiping Tasks and Scheduler

Popup Blocker

Startup Rename Manager

Unblocking R-Wipe & Clean in Anti-Malware Programs

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