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You may set the settings for swap and index .dat file wiping in scheduled tasks on the Scheduler tab of the Settings panel. You may reach this panel either by clicking the Settings button on the respective right panel, or by selecting Settings on the Tools menu.

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Scheduler tab

Wiping swap and index .dat files require a system restart to complete. You may specify what R-Wipe&Clean does when wiping a swap or index .dat file is included into a scheduled wiping and cleaning task.

You may either delay those actions until next system startup or restart, or do not perform those actions when the scheduled task starts.


R-Wipe&Clean completes scheduled actions requiring a user logoff at the next logoff.


R-Wipe&Clean Overview

R-Wipe&Clean Main Panel


Cleaning a Computer

Wiping Tasks and Scheduler

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Startup Rename Manager

Unblocking R-Wipe & Clean in Anti-Malware Programs

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