Unblocking R-Wipe & Clean in Anti-Malware Programs

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Some anti-malware programs may mistakenly treat R-Wipe&Clean. as a malicious program and block its work. You may manually unblock R-Wipe&Clean to let it work normally again.

For example, the Bitdefender INTERNET SECURITY program will through a warning message when it detects R-Wipe&Clean .

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BitDefender Message

To unblock R-Wipe&Clean in Bitdefender,

Open the Bitdefender panel and click the Modules button.

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BitDefender Control Panel

> The Modules tab will appear.

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Modules Tab


Select Antivirus, and the Shield tab will appear.

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 Shield Tab

You may temporally disable Bitdefender by clicking On-access scanning.

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Disabling Bitdefender

Click the Exclusions tab and select Excluded processes.

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Exclusions Tab

Click the Add button and select all processes in the C:\Program Files (x86)\R-Wipe&Clean folder.

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Bitdefender Exclusions Dialog Box

R-Wipe&Clean Overview

R-Wipe&Clean Main Panel

Customization, Settings, and Logging


Cleaning a Computer

Wiping Tasks and Scheduler

Popup Blocker

Startup Rename Manager

Unblocking R-Wipe & Clean in Anti-Malware Programs

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