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I have bought extended coverage for R-Wipe & Clean but can`t see how to enter the new registration key in the program on my desktop
Jeremy Hawthorn
Assuming 5 is the best rating. New R-Wipe&Clean is fabulous. The new interface is very robust, easy to navigate, and a pleasure to use. Great job R-Tools!
Sam Maggio
I choose this way to quickly convey a suggestion regarding R-Wipe&Clean. ¡¡¡¡BTW I do rate it at 5 stars!!!!
R-W&C has a feature that I really could learn to appretiate while looking for ways to speed-up family and friends pc`s: the wiping of the MFT. There is a reduction of the MFT size and an a quite noticeable increase in system response time due to that. Many times I would like to ONLY do the MFT, but alas as it is a secondary option of the Unused Space option, I always loose a lot of time wiping a drive for only getting at wiping MFT records. Now I do not consider a system to be optimized at its max without having done the MFT with R-W&C.

So my suggestion is: allow to do only the MFT if I so choose.
Thanks a lot and best regards,
Roberto Petitpas (home user)
What is the big delay on getting the great r-wipe&clean windows 8 ready you guys get the thing way before its realease so that this does not happen , what s ahame firs webroot let the great window washer slip, now you are such a shame why dont you sell the rights of the programe if your not bothered dont let a good programe die!!!
mark (pc 1)
I must congratualate you upon a Excellent product. I downloaded
the the Trial product and after first use I imediately purchased it.
Two points though,
1, I cannot see how I can update R- Wipe& Clean.
2,I would like to purchase other products and I suggest discounts for
further purchases.
Frank Treanor
for some time I`ve been using your Wipe & Clean program. I find it excellent. There is one question I`d like to ask though. Wouldn`t it be a good idea to change the cleaning routine that the program runs through? I was wondering if scrubbing the filetable and the empty diskspace would make more sense after cleaning all the other traces then before.
Wondering what you might think about this.
Kind regards,
Vokt Bef
I purchased R-Wipe&Clean & have used similar products over the years. They were nothing but trouble. I have deleted files thinking it was safe to remove them as they were in the list. NOT SO. Your sofrtware R-Wipe&Clean is user friendly and leaves the others for dead. Thankyou
Scott Lake (Private Home Use)
I like your products. I used the trial of R-Wipe & Clean. I just think they are a little on the high priced side. If this product sold for 14.95 to 19.95 I would probably buy but $29.00 is too expensive for what it does. Just my opinion. There are several freeware versions that do similiar.
Bob Bell
Hi guys, been checking over your tools and I think your an awesome software house.
I`m a programmer by trade, I am the owner of the business I work at and venture and cross over into such things as forensics, live malware assessment, software and hardware reverse engineering.
I came across the program r wipe&clean and can say pretty much gleaned nothing useful from the machine in a traditional approach. What a great and thorough tool.
Actually what I wanted to ask was have you guys made a standalone version or a more common name these days `portable` version of r wipe&clean?
Kind Regards, David.
David Sykes (Sykes)
R-Wipe&Clean is a very good application, but it cannot scramble file and folders properties (name, size, date).
In that case it would be a perfect program (imho).
Best regards
P.S.: in the main window of website program the first (and same) phrase is repeated two times. ;)
AI Michalsky
i tried R-Wipe&Clean for 15 days. I must say it`s one of the better of its kind. One key cleaning feature was missing tho: To clear the `Past Item` list of `Hidden Inactive icons` which can be found under `Taskbar and Start Menu Properties`->`Hide inactive icons`->`Customize`. It is possible to see all applications that have been run previously by its icon.
You can`t use the wipe list function in r-wipe and remove appropriate reg keys, since the explorer.exe process must be killed afterwards.
This would be a nice feature to be able to clean in the next version.
Harry Malloy
Hi... just some positive feedback. R-Wipe&Clean is great - I think it`s the best alround shredder out there. I have compared with alot of others. One thing you might want to include is the ability to shred the deleted emails,notes etc in the Outlook pst file. Alot of people who want to clean their pc but continue to use outlook need to do this. SafeIT offer a product which does this, and they have a shredder product, but you have to buy them separately. You could be the first and only (?) shredder to have this all in one, and surely that would increase your sales? Certainly it would have made RWC more attractive to me and my friends.
Another idea, and not sure whether this is feasible, would be the ability to log into pc as administrator and apply the shredding tasks to ALL users on the PC... this would save alot of time by not having to log in to each user and run RWC there.
Just fyi... all best, Scott
scott tucker
I own several of your products, you need to make a new version of your wipe and clean to wipe servers, I would pay alot for it.
James Bruce (Jamesnet)
This is the most thorough disk cleaning program I have ever encountered. Believe me it will speed up the performance of the computer not to mention cleaning all the clutter that gets accumulated on the hard drive from everyday usage.
Christopher White
R-Studio & R-Wipe&Clean are the business. Excellent, five ***** products, thanx.
Peter Mare
The R-Wipe&Clean is a great cleaner program, a little expensive but ok, you dont need any other cleaners when you got it. ! . I couldent be without it again.
Regards Erling
Erling (Compubiz.dk)
It is a nice programm, but if you have 100 or more megabyte todelite it taks some time.
I tink ther cud be 2 ways to delite?
One like it is now, and one fast, delite not wipe.OK
Tank you
Arne Hermansen (Privat)
Tank you for a god program R-Wipe& Clean.
But I miss a fast cleaning of internet traks.
One lik it is now and a fast method if you under stand what I mean.
Arne Hermansen (Privat)
I have bought and am using 5 copies of your R-wipe&clean product for some customers. On the positive side I like the scheduling options but on the other side I noticed that the program does not work as expected for files under 1KB. With a program called FileScavenger from QueTek consulting I have been able to recover files under 1KB also after many passes. Since I have many files under 1KB this is a big problem for me (and I suppose also for you). Please let me know. Regards. Michele