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  • SSD Storage Devices and Computer Privacy

SSD storage devices are becoming more and more common in modern computers. They've already become the de facto standard storage devices for laptops, and many modern PCs have them, too. Moreover, many Windows tablets utilize eMMC memory for data storages, which function similarly to SSD devices.

A common conception regarding SSD devices is that there's no need to take much care of possible undesirable recovery of files deleted from an SSD.. If a file gets deleted from an SSD device, it becomes irrecoverable - even without special wiping - if the TRIM command is enabled. And this is the default setting for the most systems. Therefore, there's no need to have a special wiping and cleaning program in a system with an SSD device.

However, this is a common misconception and nothing is further from the truth. There are several important points to having such a program on a computer with an SSD storage device. This article will explain why, using R-Wipe&Clean as an example.

But before we begin, there's one important note: SSD devices are incredibly fast in processing files. Therefore, the operations described below won't take much time to complete.

* Disk cleanup to free up disk space.
SSD devices are relatively small. Their capacity starts from 128 GB, while it's hard to find a modern HDD with less than 0.5 TB. As such, free storage space is always scarce for SSD devices. At the same time, Windows and certain programs, like web browsers, can store a lot of temporary and garbage data on the system disk. That includes various temporary files, caches, logs, etc. Those files can be easily deleted without affecting system performance.

R-Wipe&Clean does that quietly, seamlessly, and automatically. Just click the Simple Disk Cleanup button on Trace Selection Helper on the program main panel and then the Wipe & Clean Now button. R-Wipe&Clean will start the cleanup process. Moreover, you can create special tasks to delete temp files from every specific program and run it automatically upon its closure.
R-Wipe&Clean main panel with selected Simple Disk Cleanup in Trace Selection Helper
Fig.1. R-Wipe&Clean main panel with selected Simple Disk Cleanup in Trace Selection Helper
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You may read more about disk cleanup in our article Disk Cleanup: How to free up disk space.

* Removing traces of deleted files from the system
Although it's true that it might be impossible to recover a file once it's been deleted from an SSD, some traces of the file still remain in the system if the system's standard procedures have been used. For example, its full filename may be stored for a while in the records of a disk's file system, and such names may contain sensitive information. This information is at risk of being discover and analyzed by hackers.

When a file is deleted using R-Wipe&Clean, the program automatically removes such information for deleted files from the system records. Moreover, if the system contains both SSD and HDD storage devices, R-Wipe&Clean distinguishes between the two formats and wipes files on them accordingly - deleting files and wiping file records on SSDs and wiping both file content and file records on HDDs. Moreover, R-Wipe&Clean determines whether the TRIM command is enabled for the SSD, and if not (either because TRIM is disabled or because this is an external USB SSD device where TRIM doesn't work), it will wipe all file content on such SSD devices.
File Wipe Settings for SSD and HDD
Fig.2. File Wipe Settings for SSD and HDD
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R-Wipe&Clean can delete files from shortcut menus of the system file explorer and many third-party file management programs.

R-Wipe&Clean also removes traces for files deleted through standard Windows file deletion procedures while cleaning free space on storage devices.
Cleaning free space for SSD and HDD storage devices
Fig.3. Cleaning free space for SSD and HDD storage devices.
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Once again, R-Wipe&Clean distinguishes SSDs from HDDs and cleans free space on them accordingly. It wipes only file records on SSDs and wipes both file records and free space on HDDs.

Wiping free space can be set as a task and run manually or automatically at a specified time/event. You may read more about setting and scheduling a task on R-Wipe&Clean online help: Wiping Tasks and Scheduler.

The remaining points pertain both to SSDs and HDDs.

* Removing traces of your activity
Even if a file has already been deleted, its name might remain in various lists like Recent Documents, Jump Lists, thumbnail caches of File Explorer, and many others. Moreover, your system keeps track of the files you've deleted, too. R-Wipe&Clean allows you to easily clear those traces. You don't have to know much about internals of your system to do so, just use Trace Selection Helper for clearing Internet activity traces, User's Activity traces, and System's activity traces to remove most essential traces.
R-Wipe&Clean main panel with selected User's Activity Traces in Trace Selection Helper
Fig.4. R-Wipe&Clean main panel with selected User's Activity Traces in Trace Selection Helper.
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Advanced users can use R-Wipe&Clean to clear various traces. You may read more about removing traces of your activity in our article Computer Privacy and Identity Theft Protection.

* Deleting temp and scratch files from third-party programs.
Many programs use temp and scratch files to speed up their operation. Even if you delete a file, the program might keep its temp files that will reveal the contents of the file.

R-Wipe&Clean wipes files and removes traces from many third-party programs and MS Store games. Those include Microsoft/Open/Libre Office/Adobe Acrobat documents, and many others. Keep in mind that this list is constantly expanding as new programs and games are released.
Removing LibreOffice traces
Fig.5. Removing LibreOffice traces.
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Once again, you may opt to clear those traces manually or to create a task and remove them automatically upon the program closure.

If necessary, you can create wipe lists for your own program if R-Wipe&Clean doesn't already support it. You may read about wipe lists in our article Wipe lists in R-Wipe&Clean for more details.

This allows you to check, test, and verify all these points by yourself. Download and install R-Wipe&Clean and enjoy its fully functional operation for the current trial period of one month.

Keep in mind that if you don't register R-Wipe&Clean within the trial period, it will turn into R-Wipe&Clean Light, a free version that is capable of clearing most essential traces. You may still register this free version at any time, and it will turn back into the fully functional version of R-Wipe&Clean.

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