Data Security & Privacy FAQ

2. I want to clean up my PC from Internet temp file regularly. Can R-Wipe & Clean do it and be scheduled to do this every Friday or another day?
3. I started R-Wipe & Clean but after some time my office lost power for some time. When I started my PC again I found there was no more free space left on my HDD. What I need to do?
4. R-Wipe & Clean does not work on Compact Flash card or other removable media. Why not?
6. How to set up a command line command to initiate particular tasks? Is this possible with your software?
7. Is it possible to start a R-Wipe & Clean task after my backup is completed (I am using Ghost)?
19. I'd like to completely wipe all my data from the disk including all system files. The problems are that I can't take the disk out of the computer and connect it to another one, and there is also a system recovery partition on the disk which I don't like to wipe. Which software can I use?
10. Why should I use R-Crypto instead of using Encrypted File System (EFS) build into Windows XP/Vista, and above?
11. Can I recover a forgotten password for an encrypted disk?
12. Can I copy an encrypted disk on any other PC where R-Crypto is installed and work with my encrypted files on it?
13. How do I backup the data on an encrypted disk?
14. Is it possible to change the size of an encrypted disk?
15. Is it possible to connect the same encrypted disk simultaneously by several users and how can I share an encrypted disk among the users?
16. How can I copy the file-container of a connected encrypted disk?
17. I clean history in Google Chrome but each time I start the program its history appears again. What's wrong?
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