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R-Wipe & Clean for Mac Overview

R-Wipe & Clean for Mac is a complete solution to erase useless files on your computer, prevent identity theft, and maintain computer privacy.

Using this program, you can:

Erase files and folders using fast or secure-wiping algorithms. Those files and folders can be combined into wipe lists that can be erased as a single preset.

Clean you computer from various privacy-compromising information about:

- your on-line activity: browser's cached files, history of visited sites, cookies, passwords, lists of downloaded files, and many more.

- your off-line activity: lists of recently opened documents, various caches, programs, and many more.

- activity traces of many third-party applications, such as their scratch files, temporary folders, system data, and many more.

All small computer cleaning jobs can be combined into large computer cleaning presets that can be started immediately, or at scheduled time/events

Information about R-Wipe & Clean for Mac

Information about R-Wipe & Clean for Mac : R-Wipe & Clean for Mac Features .

System Requirements

Customization, Preferences, and Logging

Your private information that macOS stores on your computer: Erasing and Cleaning .

Default file Preferences: Default Wiping Preferences .

About erasing files on modern Macs: File Erasure on SSD and HDD devices .

Erasing and cleaning presets

How to:

Clean your private information from your computer: Cleaning a Computer

Erase a single file directly from macOS Finder: Erasing a File .

Erase several files in a single erase preset: Wipe Lists .

Clean your computer, erase several files and folders, and unused disk space simultaneously: Setting a Large Erase and Clean Preset .


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