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Erasing Files

Attention! Once wiped, a file cannot be restored! No macOS or third-party data recovery utility can do this!

Erasing a Single File (or Several Files in a Folder)

You do not have to start R-Wipe & Clean for Mac to erase and delete a single file (or several files in a folder). You may do this from Finder . Make sure that you have the Enable Finder service check box selected on the Finder tab.

To erase a file,

Control-click the file in Finder and select Erase with R-Wipe&Clean on the contextual menu, or

Select Erase with R-Wipe&Clean on the Finder's Services menu item, or

Drag the file to the Dock icon of R-Wipe&Clean (if the program is running or kept in Dock),

The Confirm deleting and wiping dialog box will appear.

Click the Wipe/Delete these files/folders button, and R-Wipe & Clean for Mac will erase the file with default wiping preferences.

Erasing Many Files at Once

If you want to erase several files at once, go to the Wipe Lists section for details.


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