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R-Wipe & Clean for Mac Features

Total computer cleaning:

Using R-Wipe & Clean for Mac you can:

See various traces of your activity that your Mac stores.

Erase various caches, logs,and reports.

Clean various lists of recently used applications, opened documents, visited documents, etc.

Clean history: lists of visited web sites.

Erase cookies: small files that web sites store on your computers for identification purposes. Your favorite cookies may be safely kept.

Clean autocomplete forms: logins, user names, passwords and other personal information entered at web sites and keywords entered at search engines.

Clean activity traces from numerous popular third-party applications. Installed applications are detected automatically.

Create customized wipe lists to clean activity traces from any application that R-Wipe & Clean for Mac currently does not support. Such wipe lists may include application working and temporary folders and files.

Go to the Erasing and Cleaning section to learn more about your private information that macOS stores on your computer.

All of files may be wiped to ensure their total unrecoverable elimination. Please note that file wiping makes sense only for HDD devices. See the File Erasure on SSD and HDD devices page for more details.

Supported browsers and toolbars

File erasing

Erase files using either fast or strong wipe algorithms, including DOD-approved. Go to the File Erasure on SSD and HDD devices section to learn more about erasing files.

Erases files directly from Finder.

Erases predefined wipe lists - lists of files and folders to be erased through single erase presets. Files and folders may be included into a current wipe list directly from Finder.

Go to the Erasing and Cleaning section to learn more about file erasing.


You may combine all the erasing and cleaning presets into a large one and start it manually or set a start time/event for it.

When such start time is set, this erasing and cleaning preset will start automatically as a background task.

Scheduler can turn your computer off when the erasing procedure is completed.

Additional useful features

Detailed representation of all records of on- and off-line activity on your computer.

Customizable system integration: most erase and delete operation can be performed directly from the system.

Customization: only necessary items can be visible in R-Wipe & Clean for Mac .

Go to the Scheduler section to learn more about erase preset scheduler.