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Cleaning Personal Traces

Please note that file wiping makes sense only for HDD devices. See the File Erasure on SSD and HDD devices page for more details.

You may clean your computer from traces of your recent activity, such as recently opened documents, cached files, recent applications, connected servers, various logs, etc.

You may include computer cleaning into a large erasing and cleaning preset. Go to the Setting a Large Erase and Clean Preset section for details.

The list of items visible on the System panel can be edited on the Customize panel. These items are user-specific, their contents are individual for each user.

To clean traces of your activity,

In the Sidebar , click your login name

The Personal traces panel appears in the right pane.

Click to enlarge

Personal traces panel

Select the required items and click the Delete&Clean Now button.

Some items require you to log out to complete the cleaning.

If you only delete files on an HDD, they may be later recovered using any file unerase or recover utility. To make this impossible, you may set R-Wipe & Clean for Mac wipe files before deleting on the Wiping tab of the Preferences panel.

If the Wipe files before deleting check box is selected on the Wiping  tab of the Preferences panel, the Delete&Clean Now button changes its name to Wipe&Clean Now , and the word Wipe appears on the buttons for individual traces. The files will be wiped.

R-Wipe & Clean for Mac will start cleaning the computer.

Some items require you to log out to complete the cleaning.

You may see the contents of any particular item on its respective panel in the right pane. Click More details on the User's panel or select the item in the Sidebar .

Click to expand/collapse More information on the items...


Default cleaning preferences may be specifically set on the Wiping tab of the Preferences panel.


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