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Touch Interface: Main Panel

Note: Some operations, such as wiping a file , wiping and deleting the contents of the Recycle Bin , or wiping free space on a single disk, can be performed directly from the shortcut menu without starting R-Wipe & Clean .

When R-Wipe & Clean starts, its main panel appears. You may customize R-Wipe & Clean to view only necessary items.

R-Wipe & Clean's main panel


Tap to expand/collapse More information on the Main panel


Wipe and Clean Tasks

How to:

Clean your private information from your computer: Cleaning a Computer

Remove a single file directly from Files and Folders: Wiping a File .

Remove the contents of the Recycle Bin : Wiping the Recycle Bin .

Remove several files in a single task: Wipe Lists .

Wipe free space on one disk: Wiping Free Disk Space .

Wipe several disks at once Wiping Free Disk Space .

Clean your computer, remove several files and folders, and wipe unused disk space simultaneously: Setting a Large Wipe and Clean Task