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Cleaning Personal Traces

You may clean various logs, caches, temporary files , and very many traces of your activity in the system.

You may include personal traces cleaning into a large wipe and clean task. Go to the Setting a Large Wipe and Clean Task section for details.

The list of items visible on the Personal Traces panel can be edited on the Customize panel. These items are user-specific, their contents are individual for each user.

To clean your personal traces ,

Select the icon with your login name.

The Personal traces panel appears.

Tap to enlarge

Personal traces panel

Go to the required section(s) and select the required items.

The section may contain some critical items that may affect system performance. R-Wipe & Clean will throw a warning about these items if you select the entire section.

Tap to enlarge

Critical Item warning

Select these items only if you completely understand what you are doing.

Tap the Clean Now button.

R-Wipe & Clean will start cleaning the computer, and the Deleting and wiping dialog box will appear showing the progress of cleaning.

Personal traces are divided into six parts:

Tap to Expand/Collapse         Recent Activity: More Information...

Tap to Expand/Collapse         Storing Traces: More Information...

Tap to Expand/Collapse         Associativity Traces: More Information...

Tap to Expand/Collapse         Installer Traces: More Information...

Tap to Expand/Collapse         Caches: More Information...

Tap to Expand/Collapse         Miscellaneous Traces: More Information...