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You may reach the Settings panel(s) from the Settings menu of the Control Panel .

Panels and Settings

General Settings

You may set some default settings on how  shows some quick references on the Main panel and keeps states of various program windows and task items.

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General Settings panel

Disks Settings

You may set default wiping setting for free drive space on this tab.

Note: There are two separate free space wiping settings for regular hard drives and SSD devices . Read the File Erasure on SSD and HDD devices page for more details.

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Free Drive Space Wiping Settings panel


Files Settings

You may set default wiping setting for separate files on this tab.

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Files Wiping Settings panel


Warnings Settings

You may specify setting for displaying various warnings on this tab.

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Warning Settings panel


Integration Settings

You may set options controlling the integration of R-Wipe & Clean into your system on this tab.

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Integration panel


Scheduler Settings

You may set an option controlling the execution of large wipe and clean tasks.

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Tasks panel


Advanced Settings

You may set some advanced options on the Advanced tab of the Settings panel.

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Advanced panel

Resetting to Defaults

If necessary, you may reset to defaults all or individual settings on the Reset Settings panel.

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Reset Settings panel