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Wipe Lists

You may specify files and folders, and registry keys or key values that will be wiped and deleted through a single wipe and delete task on the Wipe Lists panel. Moreover, you may store such wipe lists to retrieve them and wipe later. You may also include wipe lists into a large wipe and clean task. Go to the Setting a Large Wipe and Clean Task section for details.

Some programs have their own temporary or scratch folders. It is wise to have them included in such wipe lists if you want to completely erase all temporary data from such programs.

Attention! Once wiped, a file cannot be restored! No Windows or third-party data recovery utility can do this!

Wiping wipe lists

To wipe one or several wipe lists ,

Select the Wipe Lists item.

Select the required wipe list(s) and tap the Clean Now button.

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Wipe Lists panel

R-Wipe & Clean will start cleaning the contents of the wipe list(s).

Managing wipe lists

You may also manage wipe lists form the tab of a single wipe list using the wipe list management buttons.

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Managing files/folders in wipe lists

You may add a file or/and folder to the current wipe list directly from File Explorer. Long-tap the file and select the Add to the Wipe List item from the shortcut menu. Make sure that the Add files and folders to a wipe list from the shortcut menu option is enabled on the Integration tab of the Settings panel.

You may add/remove files and folders to/from the list using the file management buttons.

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Wipe List panel


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When you add a folder to the wipe list, the Add folder... dialog box will appear. You may set a file mask for files in the folder and specify files that are not to be cleaned if they even match the file masks.

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 Add folder... dialog box

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Managing Registry keys in wipe lists

You may also add a key or specific value in a key from Registry that will be deleted.

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Add Registry Keys/Values dialog box

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You may also import items from other wipe lists using the Import button on the file management buttons

Default file wiping settings may be specifically set on the Files Wiping Settings tab of the Settings panel.